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The classic Staithes view
Staithes in the snow
Staithes Beck
Beckside in the snow
Looking to Penny Nab
Lobster pots & the lifeboat shed
Staithes & Runswick Lifeboat
Staithes harbour
Staithes from Cowbar Nab
Boats in the harbour with the tide out
Boats in the harbour with the tide in
Beckside from Cowbar Nab

The History of Staithes

Staithes is a picturesque fishing village hidden away between two cliffs, Cowbar nab and Penny nab on the North Yorkshire coast lying within the NY national park. Staithes is steeped in history going back to the time of the Vikings and beyond. Its name stems from the Viking word meaning "landing place"

Once Staithes was one of the largest fishing ports in the area with around 80 boats operating from its shores. Still today there are traditional yorkshire cobles which fish in the north sea. in It also boasts a long history of having a lifeboat which is stationed below Cowbar nab and was established in 1875.

Staithes was for a while the home of a young James Cook who was apprenticed to a local merchant. It is thought that his experience of living by the sea led him to become one of the most famous explorer and navigators in the world.

Staithes has long had an association with well known artists and became a focal point for artists due to its dramatic and beautiful scenery such that in 1894 several artists formed "The Staithes Group".

Staithes has an interesting geological history which includes the mining of minerals such as Alum and iron and fossilised wood known as Jet. There are many fossils found under the cliffs and being part of the Jurassic coastline it has been given heritage coast status.